What will we do in here?

What I want to show here is…


Whether we build any distributed system or any real time data pipeline for any applications, a streaming platform is what we need at the very first place. And when it comes to streaming platform, Apache Kafka is the first thing that comes to our mind. But setting up Apache Kafka…


Every time we end up writing an application, there is a need of deploying it so that people can see it. After deploying the application, there comes the chaos. We need to keep constant eye for the following aspects.

  • Continuous monitoring of system so that it remains live.
  • What if…


Sharing code is one of most important aspect when it comes to working in a team. This actually leads to the inception of version control systems i.e. Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket etc. As a result, we can share the code easily but another problem arises when it comes to running the…

Raju Ahmed Shetu

Father | Engineer | Tech Enthusiast | Happy

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